Sunday, April 10, 2011

My First and True Love

When I was a bit younger, ha ha….  okay quite a bit younger I used to draw all the time.  Since getting married and having children I haven’t found, or made the time for it.  It makes me a little sad to think that I don’t keep up with it, and every once in a while I will get an urge to pull out the drawing paper and pencils.  Well I got that urge last night, I was really worried when I first started that I wouldn’t remember how, after all it would serve me right.  But after a few minutes I remembered why I enjoy it so much.  It is such a relaxing release.  I’m not a very patient person though, so after about two minutes of rough sketching in where everything would go I started in on the fun part the real detail and shading….  I learn every time after I finish that I need to slow that part down and be more patient.  (So please don’t look to close.)  I also need to get my easel out I’ve learned over and over that the perspective is very skewed when you are drawing on a table, you tend to stretch things vertically more.  Lessons learned, slow down the first step, get everything right before you get to the fun, and next, DRAW ON an easel. :)


Do you know who it is?


What is something you wish you would do for yourself more?


Kandice said...

wow-no that is talent!
What an awesome drawing :)

Georgene said...

You have so much talent, you really do need to do more of this. This is something Easton will treasure forever!

Nikki said...

Seriously I know I already told you but you are RAD!! I sent that text to Dave and he knew who it was just with the eyes done! I hope that you can find time to draw more often I always LOVE to see what you draw.

Shafferprincess said...

Kristi - I had no idea you are an artist. That's SO awesome, and yes, you should do more of it!

Something I wish I did more of for me was to play the piano just to play. Not for choir practice, or playing for someone else, but for me. :)

Katherine Vincent said...

Ok so, I knew you were good, but holy crap that looks excactly like the picture you showed me. You do amazing work. Dont ever quit.

Joie said...

Are you kidding me?! Is there anything you can't do? I'm beginning to think you are have some kind of super powers.

Shanna said...

It looks like a photograph on its own. Very nice.

Wish upon a Starr said...

I still have the picture of Christ that you drew. And I LOVE it!! It's one of my favorites, and I'm not just saying that. You are truly gifted!!

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