Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love me some nature….

Beauty is God’s handwriting. ~ Charles Kingsley


Solar Eclipse 2012  (I couldn’t catch the eclipse until the sun went behind the clouds.  I am sure many people were so frustrated with the clouds, I was grateful. ;)



SOOC (The cacti pictures were only sized and sharpened for the web)



We have had some unbelievable sunsets lately!!



I was outside admiring the sunset last week, turned around to come in, and was OH so grateful that I had to turn around…  I’m not sure I have ever seen anything quite so beautiful before. 




SOOC (I tried to edit these butterfly pictures a few times, but still came back to the originals.)

Take a moment to pause and admire the beauty all around us.  I am SO grateful for my camera and the ability I have to use it.  I have never been satisfied with a picture I took of nature because I honestly think being there is part of the beauty…  I will continue to try though.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Post About Spring

I absolutely LOVE spring, especially this spring.  We have been having unusually warm weather for Utah, and I can’t get enough.  I think it has trickled down into every aspect of my life.  I have been doing so much, and feeling so good about it, I LOVE it.  I tell you spring is in the air. ;)

Spring (/sprɪŋ/ spring) is one of the four temperate seasons, the transition time between winter and summer. Spring and "springtime" refer to the season, and also to ideas of rebirth, renewal and regrowth.

Most of my clients find me through facebook.  I have never officially advertised, my business thrives solely by word of mouth, the way I prefer it.  So I have been terrible about updating on here.  I promise to do better.  It is so nice to come here and have a place to scroll through my journey.  I started out wanting to take better pictures of my kids, from that it has grown, and grown.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  It has been an awesome roller coaster, ups, downs, really high ups, and moments where you want to close your eyes, or cry, or both.  I think I can finally say that I have found myself.  I feel comfortable in my own skin.  I can do what I can do. Ha ha.  I was reading a book recently and it said you can’t be a so and so, you can only be you.  STOP comparing yourselves to others.  So, I am a Kristi….  Who knows what that is, but everyday I come closer to learning. 

One thing that I think I finally came to understand is that whether it is warranted or not, being rude never helps anyone.  NEVER.  If you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all, this benefits you as well.  I have never regretted giving a compliment, and never slept well after saying something unkind.


Life is short, days are long.  Sometimes (while I’m driving especially) I think about my little boys, and how quickly it is passing.  I know I worry far to much about the small stuff, laundry will be there tomorrow, my kids won’t.  I hope that this will sink in for me sooner than later.


I think the last thing that I want to share, because I know you are waiting on pins and needles to hear what Kristi has finally learned.  (I am a slow learner, especially when it comes to life’s lessons.)  Is that I don’t understand anything.  Just when it comes to the point where I think I understand, I learn to see a whole new way of looking at it.  I think when I die someday I will probably laugh at all of my mishaps…  All of the times I tripped over pebbles in the road that I once thought were mountains.  How simple are the mole hills that I make into mountains.  My new goal that I hope one day (probably in another 90 years, because like I said before, I am a slow learner) is, to be able to love everyone (including myself).  True, not fake, Christ like love.  I think once I can truly learn that, all the other problems and cares will disappear. 

I will leave it at that, lol, and a few more pictures to show you what I have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

IMG_2996 IMG_2970

IMG_3004 IMG_3018


IMG_2634 IMG_2660

Come what may, and love it.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Winter Break

This year I decided to take December off.  ;)  I have taken a break from photography, and Facebook.  I thought I would miss it, and to be honest, I haven’t.  I have missed the “artsy” part of photography, but not the time.  I am still trying to figure out what is coming next year…  I’m thinking of cutting way back so that I can more fully balance my life.  We shall see. 

Today we were cleaning the house, when the power went out, Ian and I decided it would be the perfect time to go for a walk.  I took my camera along because we got a fresh layer of snow, and who can resist a clean palette.  I haven’t charged my battery in a while, and I got out a whopping 10 pictures before it died.  Serves me right. ;)





Look Mom, there’s a tunnel…..


And here is one from a few weeks ago, I just love the innocence in his eyes.


I hope that all of you are having a wonderful Christmas season.  I truly love this time of year!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Abbie’s 1st Birthday

Oh man do I love and miss this little cutie pie!!  She is such a spunky little critter, and so full of life!  Her mommy made her a beautiful little cake, and she loved it!














Dave & Nikki

My little sister moved to North Dakota about six months ago, my little baby, oh oops, I mean her little baby, Abbie, turned one about a week ago.  It was so much fun being up there for her big milestone, and also to be able just to hang out and see her and her beautiful family.  I will post pictures from Abbie smashing her cake tomorrow.  In the meantime here are their family pictures.



IMG_7958 IMG_7971




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