Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Love me some nature….

Beauty is God’s handwriting. ~ Charles Kingsley


Solar Eclipse 2012  (I couldn’t catch the eclipse until the sun went behind the clouds.  I am sure many people were so frustrated with the clouds, I was grateful. ;)



SOOC (The cacti pictures were only sized and sharpened for the web)



We have had some unbelievable sunsets lately!!



I was outside admiring the sunset last week, turned around to come in, and was OH so grateful that I had to turn around…  I’m not sure I have ever seen anything quite so beautiful before. 




SOOC (I tried to edit these butterfly pictures a few times, but still came back to the originals.)

Take a moment to pause and admire the beauty all around us.  I am SO grateful for my camera and the ability I have to use it.  I have never been satisfied with a picture I took of nature because I honestly think being there is part of the beauty…  I will continue to try though.


Mindy said...

I so agree... I can NEVER capture the beauty that is there in real life. You did a dang good job, though... I love your sooc shots... perfect exposure. And those sunsets and clouds? Heavenly. Breathtaking. I have literally cried at sunsets and sunrises before because they are so beautiful.

Shanna said...

How blessed you are to live in the middle of nature :-) Beautiful job capturing God's handiwork.

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