Thursday, April 7, 2011


I LOVED doing this.  This is my good friend Jana, and I just love her.  She asked me to take a few pictures, we had so much fun!  I think this is something that every woman should do.  We are so critical and hard on ourselves, I think it is so refreshing, and eye opening to see ourselves the way others see us. 


-0116 -0134 -9966


-9820 -9825

Jana you are beautiful, honest, trustworthy, giving, and just an all around amazing woman!  Thanks for letting me call you a friend. :D


JanaG said...

Uh.......thanks....! There are some really good ones that even I like in there! That's saying a lot from me since I HATE pics of myself. Thanks again! It really was fun! It was good to laugh and just be a total goof! :D

JanaG said...

And thank you for letting ME call YOU friend. You are the best and always make me feel like a better person being around you.

Shafferprincess said...

Wow, Kristi! My very favorite one is in the first "set" of pictures (so the second row down) and the middle picture. That one is gorgeous. Wow, Jana! :) Totally awesome.

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