Thursday, November 11, 2010

Chelsea, Josh, and Jaidyn

Chelsea lived across the road from us growing up, so I have known her for a long time… :)  She moved away when she was 10 or 12?  She and my little sister where the best of friends, and I tagged along sometimes.  I remember we found a kitten that someone had abandoned on the side of the road taped in a box.  I still can’t believe someone could be so cruel.  OH man why did that memory just pop up.  I remember building forts in weeds, chasing cats, and walking home from elementary school, she, her brother ,Nikki and I.  We had some good times. :)

It was so much fun to see her again, it had been probably four or five years.  Her daughter is completely GORGEOUS, and so friendly.  I was a little worried knowing how young she is and also that getting here is a three and a half hour drive.  My kids would have been going crazy!  She was perfect, so friendly, happy, and an absolute doll to work with! 

P.S. It was Chelsea’s birthday.

Thanks Chels it was so much fun to see you again.  You have a beautiful family, and look so happy!  No one deserves that more than you!  Hope you like the pictures. :)










Kandice said...

WOuld that be Chelsea Hall?? It has been FOREVER since I saw her. She is beautiful. How fun!

Nikki said...

LOL I remember finding that cat wasn't it like in a box or something, poor thing. I remember the first time and I think only time I got grounded was when I was 5 because me and Chelsea walked to Great Grandpas house without asking. I love these pictures they are probably some of my favorties. Your awewome!!!!

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