Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mountains

You know, I love where we live.  I love living in a rural community where we are just minutes from this,

IMG_4035 this,



IMG_4019  and this, (my favorite one from the day)


Seriously, I can't imagine living anywhere else....  Okay, maybe Hawaii.


chauncy said...

so we nee to set up a time i need family pictures.

Joie said...

Seriously, you live in a nice place. Don't trade it for Hawaii. It may be nice to visit, but I have lived in islands before and I didn't like being trapped by the ocean and living with prehistoric-sized cockroaches and other weird insects.

tonandboys said...

I love the picture of the dirt road. You are such an amazing artist. Your photography is amazing!

JanaG said...

Love the blue sky! Great shots! As always!! :)

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