Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chad & Jessica

I love this little family, even though they are all boys and all boy, they fight over who gets to hold their "baby", still give "brother loves", and aren't afraid to model for the camera... Except the little one. He knew I wanted a picture of his beautiful eyes, and so he made me work for it. But when I got home and loaded all the pictures, it was the one that made the whole session shine. :)
While I was editing this session, I asked my hubby, how can a girl have four boys and still be so gorgeous!! Not only is she gorgeous though, her entire family is.

Here is the one I had to "work" for, but like I said it was worth it!!

Poor Jessica though, we rescheduled these pictures so many times, every time we would, her boys would get sick. Then when we started taking them, her little one was not going to have it. He is getting his eye teeth, poor thing, and didn't want anything to do with holding still for a picture.

So here's to you Jessica, for all of your efforts, we got em.


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JoshnJoeyJohnston said...

I love these! you did a wonderful job!

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