Friday, April 10, 2009

Shhh don't tell Ryan....

I got to go out last night, and take Deedra's bridals. She looked so gorgeous, and we had so much fun. As I am looking through the pictures, trying to pick a few to put on here. I am having such a hard time, there are so many of them that I love.
You just have to promise me you won't tell Ryan. They aren't getting married until next Saturday.

Now can you see why I had such a hard time picking which ones to post. These are only a few of the ones I loved. But here is my absolute favorite.

I have seen a lot of bridals done in a full length mirror, but never with the mirror outside. I think it turned out so nice, and the sky couldn't have been better.
Which one is your favorite?


Karissa said...

These pictures are so amazing!! She looks so pretty in all of them!! My favorite is the last one too!! You did an awesome job with all her pictures! =)

The Peterson's said...

wow what a hard choice i like the mirror and the ones with the white back ground with her dark hair. Great work!!!!!!

Maria and Chris said...

The pictures are so beautiful good job.

Lacy said...

I love the mirror! Awesome Kristi!

Shafferprincess said...

My favorite is the 8th one down. The just below the first outside mirror one. You do an incredible job! Wow!

By the way, this is Renee Goodrich. We graduated together, and I grew up with Courtney & Delsi in Tridell. (Ryan Goodrich - Jana's hubby - is my brother.) Holy cow, Deedra's grown up!

Nice pictures!

Renee (Goodrich) Shaffer

Brian, Nikki, and Nevie said...

She is gorgeous, and you did great on the pictures. I love the 8th & 9th ones, and the mirror one is my favorite, too! They are all stunning. I'm glad I'm not the one who has to pick!

I have been wanting to ask you a little bit about how you got started learning about photography. Did you start out with a book? Is there a really good website you recommend? I am so impressed with your skills after such a short (well, it seems short to me) time! I would love to learn a bit more myself,just for taking better pictures of my family. I just don't know where to start!

If you have a recommendation, could you email it to me?


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