Monday, September 1, 2008

Playing around with Vignette's

Here are a couple of definitions for Vignette, that I found on
A vignette is often added to an image to draw interest to the center and, in effect, frame the center portion of the photo.
Vignette (Permalink)An image with an edge that gradually fades to black or white. Used mainly by wedding and portrait photographers either created by on-camera filters, using masks in the darkroom or digitally using software.

I love these two pictures together, you can see how Easton, totally stopped, looked at Ian's foot, and then just spontaneously kissed it..... From the moment Ian was born Easton has just totally adored him!!


Stephanie said...

Those look so amazing! I can't believe how old Easton looks in the pictures - he looks like such a big boy - not like a toddler anymore. And his hair is getting really dark, too. I'm so excited that you've started posting some of your pictures.

AuntEmmy said...

You are an amazing photographer!

The Peterson's said...

I love looking at your picture's I want to learn how to do them also. I love photography

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