Sunday, March 2, 2008

Papa's Hands...


Nikki said...

That is cute. I love pictures with big guy hands and little baby hands.

Anonymous said...

This is such an adorable picture. I can't believe you got that stinkin' camera! Brat! I would love to learn to take pictures - not to be professional at it, but just to they don't look so snap-shot-ish. Here is a poem about Daddy's hands. It totally goes with the picture...

My Daddy's Hands

I came into the world,
And reached for your strong hands.
My tiny fingers knew you,
Before I could understand.

Your hands proudly held me,
And smoothed my newborn hair.
They'd grow to love to tickle,
And toss me in the air.

Your hands are the teachers,
That catch and throw a ball.
That steady my two-wheeler,
And soften each new fall.

Your hands are the guideposts,
That set and keep the rules.
Offer good advice and wisdom,
And cheer hard work in school.

Your hands are my anchor,
As I leave my childhood home.
Shake my hand and pat my back,
As I live life on my own.

One day I'll have a child,
And come to understand.
The power of the love,
Held in my Daddy's hands.

--Teri Harrison

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